The Projectors On Rent Are Like “Cherry On Cake

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Projectors are organizational necessities when it comes to meeting the corporate necessities.

Projector on Rent in Mumbai
Projector on Rent in Mumbai

That’s the key aspect of business world which makes the task highly utilized. There are many things which makes   Projector on Rent in Mumbai play a decisive role when it comes to corporate communication. All these projectors are very expensive when it comes to renting expensive projectors. One of the core aspects of projectors business is to enhance the power of visual communication.

Audio Visual Equipment On Rent In Goa
Sound System on Rent in Mumbai

That is one of the reasons why it makes the role highly utilized in all regards.  It is used in many events when it comes to hotel meetings business expectations. That’s where there role is high in demand. One of the good things about Sound System on Rent in Mumbai   is to enhance the aspect of sound system when it comes to speakers. It is demanded everywhere whether it is parties or big events. That’s the reason why there is a huge demand of sound and stereo system in the market.

That’s where its’ need is realized in the business place.  It gives abundance joy to party goers, music freak and people who want to spend time in music. The sky-rocketing prices have attained various heights when it comes to establishing itself as a brand name.

Benefits of Sound System:

  • Helps in making the atmosphere live
  • Best Suited for Sound Therapy
  • Best bet for parties & functions
  • Amplifying Positive Moments in Life


GALAXY AUDIO VISION is highly preferred in the market when it comes to exploring business perspectives. That’s where music and stereo is vital in all aspects.  Personal, professional, residential things are not a thing of past. That’s where it has come a long way in meeting people expectations. You can always select the best providers when it comes to delivering projectors on Rent that too, in split seconds.

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Execute Your Event Smoothly And Hassle Free By Hiring Best Audio Visual Equipment


Our firm was established in the year 1994 and become specialized in hiring audiovisual equipment especially for the corporate events, entertainment events, seminars, product launch etc. Under the guidance of Mr. G R Masurkar, we are striving our best and putting the diligent efforts in maintaining remarkable image among the industry. Later in 2014, our firm has expanded its business into the Goa market also. When you choose us, you will get a partner who will understand your business and a team of skilled experts dedicated to provide you a complete satisfaction.

There are various types of audio/visual equipment which helps in conducting the presentation into classrooms, seminars, workshops, meetings or special events. We are the provider of Audio Visual Equipment On Hire In Goa and considered as the best to serve the demand of the party animals. This is where this equipment leaves a great impact on the minds of people. Another major aspect of it is that it adds vibrancy to the atmosphere.

Audio Visual Equipment On Rent In Goa

Types of audio/visual equipment in which we deal are as follows:

  • Overhead projectors
  • LCD projectors
  • Projection screens
  • Computer-based displays
  • AV trolleys
  • TV and video

There is the vast number of youngsters who do not want any compromise on fun or events. This is where the Audio Visual Equipment On Rent In Goa has attained the high attention of music freak in the current generation. These equipment has been designed in such a way that audio & video can be communicated effectively. We provide the latest equipment and creative ideas that will make your event complete. Our team of skilled experts are partners to you and determine which audio and visual elements are best for you and your event.


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Should You Party Hard.. With Audio Visual Equipment?


Let’s know the facts:

Audio Visual Devices gives thrilling factor when it comes to unlimited fun and entertainment. That’s where one needs to understand the key aspects of using expensive audio visual equipment on rent. It has indeed been vital when it comes to leaving an impact.

There are many services when it comes to Audio Visual Equipment on Rent in Goa , and   has  benefitted people.. That’s where its’ demand has increased progressively among youngsters. We all understand the fascination associated with Goa and in the close proximity better known for recreational purpose.

 There is wide range of speculations when it comes to providing high end services. It has gained long term aspects for people who want to fun. There is a great demand of Audio Visual Equipment on Rent in Mumbai  and its’ demand has risen in recent times. One could understand the key aspect of visual equipment everywhere. No doubt, we all want to sink in music world that too, in moment of life.

Audio Visual Equipment On Rent In Mumbai
Audio Visual Equipment on Rent in Mumbai

 That’s where its’ advantage has risen in the business place.  It gives abundance of joy to party goers, music freak and people who want to spend time in music. The sky-rocketing prices have attained various heights when it comes to making a huge name in the market.

Benefits of Audio Visual Equipment:

  • Helps in making the environment lively
  • Effective In Controlling Expenses
  • Best bet for parties & functions
  • Amplifying The Positive Moments in Life

That’s where it is highly preferred in the market when it comes to exploring benefits.  One of the core aspects of business is to explore business values in many ways.  That is where music and stereo is vital in all aspects.  Personal, professional, residential things are not a thing of past. That’s where it has come a long way in coping demands.


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Make Your Event Highly Successful By Taking Audio Visual Equipment On Rent

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The company is running under the guidance of proprietor Mr. G R Masurkar, who has started his career in the domain of audio-visuals in the year 1986 and started his own rental business in 1994. The firm specializes in hiring audio-visual equipment for the medical conferences. These conferences can be regional, national or of international level. The team appointed by the firm has traveled across the country and successfully handled the medical conferences in those regions. They are highly dedicated towards their work and have expertise in handling different equipment.

Audio Visual Equipment On Rent In Mumbai
Audio Visual Equipment On Rent In Mumbai

There are various types of audio/visual equipment that helps in the different activities held in classrooms, seminars, workshops, meetings and other special events. The service providers of Audio Visual Equipment On Rent In Mumbai are able to serve all the demands of the clients who are looking for these sorts of services. One of the important aspects of any business is to celebrate its events to the fullest and without any compromise. Our audio-visual equipment helps in prospering the music and stereo devices. When it comes to parties or special occasions, these equipment are widely practices to enjoy the happy moments.

LED Video Wall On Rent In Mumbai

When an event takes place, LED video walls gives a thrilling experience. Many of us observe that it looks fascinating to see them. It is highly demanded in the major functions especially in the museums. Basically, it is a multi-monitor setup consists of multiple computers projectors, or television sets tiled together to display a large screen. LED Video Wall On Rent In Mumbai offered by us has emerged to showcase the potential in many places. It adds luxury, charm to the event’s environment and makes things happy. Also, it provides end to end solutions by making it easier for the clients to incorporate LED video walls in the advertisement system.

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Buy or Rent Top Class Audiovisual Equipment from our Facility

In this world which is filled with technology, we have various devices and gadgets that are useful to us in different ways. There are devices that we use to visualize things or to hear certain sounds. Such devices and gadgets are called audiovisual equipment which includes a number of electronic products such as projectors, CCTC, Television etc. We are a company that provide different types of such audiovisual equipment on rent as well as on sale.

LED Video Wall for Various Events

Our company is known for providing good quality LED Video Wall on Rent in Goa at an affordable rate. The LED walls that we offer are used at a number of places such as concerts, promotion, open advertisement, fashion shows etc. An LED wall is comprised of a number of computing projectors or television that together makes a large screen on which things can be projected. Our rental services also include hardware, software, installation, customization, content and support.

Other Audiovisual Equipment

Not only LED video walls, but we provide a wide range of Audio Visual Equipment on Hire in Goa that belong to the best brands and provide quality functioning. The equipment offer to our clients is mostly used in classrooms, workshops, seminars, special events and meetings. We work in close coordination with our clients in order to provide them with the products that serve their required purposes. The range of audiovisual equipment that we provide at the best market rates include:

  • LCD Projectors
  • Overhead Projectors
  • TV and Video
  • Projection Screens
  • AV Trolleys
  • Computer-Based Displays

About us

We are located in Goa and have an older branch in Mumbai called AV Medicon which is in the audiovisual rental business since 1994. We have become a leading name in the industry and provide an excellent service to all our clients with the help of a team of skilled and professional employees. We served a number of different clients for purposes such as corporate events, product launch, event management companies, seminars, entertainment events, etc.

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LED Video Wall On Rent-Newest Way to Advertise Your Business

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Have you ever thought that why large organizations prepare for the advertising or promotional campaigns? Why they prefer to choose video content rather than using a pamphlet or other advertising medium?


Obviously true that nowadays; technology development has already given birth to innovative and latest equipment such as LED, media players and much more are available in the market. One of the best ways to attract and pass your message to the audience is through a digital medium.


Over the years, the usage of LED technology has been crawling across the world and is balanced to render the traditional means of lighting vanished. It is growing in popularity as soon as the price drops and the technology improves.


LED Video Wall On Rent In Mumbai
LED Video Wall On Rent In Mumbai

So, if you are also looking to advertise your business products without investing huge amount, availing of LED Video Wall On Rent In Mumbai helps you to attract various customers towards our business. Apart from this, such things are useful for entertainment and communication. The reason is that customers are easily get attracted by videos of the high HD media.


Stated below are the few benefits of advertising on LED video walls:


  • Affordable and simple display set
  • High contrast & brightness
  • Choose the suitable shape & size
  • Keep software backup with you


We generally made mistake of thinking that arranging conference by ourselves without recognizing that networking are important features when it comes to big productions.

LED Video Wall On Rent In Mumbai
LED Video Wall On Rent In Goa

Whether we talk about concerts, corporate occasions, fashions shows, sporting competitions or any other functions, the event production should be left in the hands of experts to ensure the best results. Thus, using LED Video Wall On Rent In Mumbai from professional suppliers is the great option for renting projectors at reasonable rates without compromising image quality.


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