Buy or Rent Top Class Audiovisual Equipment from our Facility

In this world which is filled with technology, we have various devices and gadgets that are useful to us in different ways. There are devices that we use to visualize things or to hear certain sounds. Such devices and gadgets are called audiovisual equipment which includes a number of electronic products such as projectors, CCTC, Television etc. We are a company that provide different types of such audiovisual equipment on rent as well as on sale.

LED Video Wall for Various Events

Our company is known for providing good quality LED Video Wall on Rent in Goa at an affordable rate. The LED walls that we offer are used at a number of places such as concerts, promotion, open advertisement, fashion shows etc. An LED wall is comprised of a number of computing projectors or television that together makes a large screen on which things can be projected. Our rental services also include hardware, software, installation, customization, content and support.

Other Audiovisual Equipment

Not only LED video walls, but we provide a wide range of Audio Visual Equipment on Hire in Goa that belong to the best brands and provide quality functioning. The equipment offer to our clients is mostly used in classrooms, workshops, seminars, special events and meetings. We work in close coordination with our clients in order to provide them with the products that serve their required purposes. The range of audiovisual equipment that we provide at the best market rates include:

  • LCD Projectors
  • Overhead Projectors
  • TV and Video
  • Projection Screens
  • AV Trolleys
  • Computer-Based Displays

About us

We are located in Goa and have an older branch in Mumbai called AV Medicon which is in the audiovisual rental business since 1994. We have become a leading name in the industry and provide an excellent service to all our clients with the help of a team of skilled and professional employees. We served a number of different clients for purposes such as corporate events, product launch, event management companies, seminars, entertainment events, etc.

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